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Masculin Féminin(Masculin féminin)

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France, Sweden · 1966
1h 45m
Director Jean-Luc Godard
Starring Jean-Pierre Léaud, Chantal Goya, Marlène Jobert, Michel Debord
Genre Drama, Romance

Masculin féminin, explores what it meant to be young in modern France. We see the world of "the children of Marx and Coca-Cola," following their politics, their passions, and their romantic sexcapades.

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What are people saying?

Avery Herman Profile picture for Avery Herman

Humanity is the language of Godard's film about french youth, and the humanity in it reminds us all of our younger selves.

What are critics saying?


TV Guide Magazine by

Jean-Luc Godard visited the world of young folk to create his most humane film. (Review of Original Release)


The New York Times by Dana Stevens

This document of youthful confusion has not aged one minute. If anything, its detached, discursive and sympathetic observation of the earnest foolishness of post-baccalaureate, pre-1968 Parisians is more acute, and more prophetic, than ever.


Village Voice by J. Hoberman

Directed by anyone else, Masculine Feminine--one of three movies that Godard made in his peak year, 1966--would be a masterpiece. For the young JLG it's business as usual.


Boston Globe by Ty Burr

Remains worth seeing as an achingly nostalgic farewell to youthful idealism, tinged with a kind of loving contempt.

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