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3 Hearts(3 Cœurs)

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France, Germany, Belgium · 2014
Rated PG-13 · 1h 40m
Director Benoît Jacquot
Starring Benoît Poelvoorde, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Chiara Mastroianni, Catherine Deneuve
Genre Drama, Romance

One night in provincial France, Marc meets Sylvie after missing his train back to Paris. A thwarted plan for a second meeting sends each in a separate direction - Sylvie reunites with her ex and leaves France; Marc falls in love and marries. What neither knows is that Marc's new bride is Sylvie's sister Sophie.

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What are critics saying?


The A.V. Club by

While the controlling deities might have found some amusement in this narrative, in Jacquot’s hands the tale is more bland than tragic.


The Hollywood Reporter by Boyd van Hoeij

It helps immeasurably that Gainsbourg, as an actress, is as intense as her presence feels evanescent, always seemingly onto the next moment already, leaving everyone in her wake.


Slant Magazine by Chris Cabin

Throughout, Benoît Jacquot never loses sight of the primordial compulsions that drive feelings and expressions of great love and beauty.


CineVue by John Bleasdale

That the drama should hinge on a series of bizarre novelistic coincidences and the irrational dopiness of the characters with whom we're supposed to empathise drains the film of realism and sends us into Mills & Boon territory.


The Playlist by Kevin Jagernauth

For those willing to invest in the lives of these characters, even if the framework around them directly and without apology guides them toward inevitable tragedy, they will experience a drama of deep, genuine feeling.


Village Voice by Marsha McCreadie

The film is so unabashed in showing the place of passion in a bourgeois world, how a missed connection can screw up a life forever, that plot implausibilities are forgiven.


The Dissolve by Mike D'Angelo

Suspense can be riveting, but 3 Hearts really needed to deploy its bomb much earlier. When it does goes off, it’s a dud.


Variety by Peter Debruge

The entire scenario, contrived to within an inch of its life, takes Poelvoorde’s appeal for granted. Marc’s anxiety becomes our own once he realizes what he’s done, though Jacquot makes it much more compelling to watch his characters fall in love than it is to see them writhe and twist amid its complications.

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