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A Little Chaos

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United Kingdom · 2015
Rated R · 1h 57m
Director Alan Rickman
Starring Kate Winslet, Matthias Schoenaerts, Alan Rickman, Stanley Tucci
Genre Drama, Romance

During the reign of King Louis XIV, André Le Nôtre, the designer of the gardens of Versailles, brings on an unconventional and innovative designer named Sabine De Barra to help him. As Sabine adjusts to the complicated political world of Versailles, she and André find themselves falling for each other.

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What are critics saying?


Hitfix by

A Little Chaos earns one compliment, but it's unfortunately a backhanded one: it’s watchable.


Village Voice by Aaron Hillis

Appropriately hunky but neutered of the brute sexuality he exhibited in Bullhead and Rust and Bone, Schoenaerts and his lack of bodice-busting tension with Winslet mirrors the film's transparent, often anachronistic inauthenticity.


Empire by Angie Errigo

Lovely, engaging performances keep the film’s heart beating in a sweet if sometimes listless search for Eden.


The Guardian by Catherine Shoard

It has to be said, the performances are excellent. Winslet manages emotional honesty within anachronistic confines, and Schoenaerts escapes with dignity.


Variety by Dennis Harvey

Too often, helmer Rickman galumphs through what’s meant to be a witty romp, underlining the script’s most obvious, rigged qualities.


The Dissolve by Kate Erbland

There are weeds here, thorny stuff to slash through, but when A Little Chaos stays on course, there’s plenty of beautiful work to admire.


The Playlist by Nikola Grozdanovic

Some intriguing dialogue, and a closet full of fantastic frocks, can’t help an impressive ensemble cast save A Little Chaos from being a lackadaisical picture, far removed from anything remotely exciting as chaos.


Total Film by Simon Kinnear

A classy, actorly affair, whose emphasis on bittersweet character drama over class satire is both its most striking feature and biggest missed opportunity.

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