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Zero Motivation(Efes Beyahasei Enosh)

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Israel · 2014
1h 37m
Director Talya Lavie
Starring Dana Ivgy, Nelly Tagar, Shani Klein, Heli Twito
Genre Comedy, Drama

In this dark comedy, two young women, Zohar and Daffi, serve out their mandatory military service doing menial tasks on a desert base and dreaming about returning to civilian life. When a new woman arrives, the two find themselves subjected to a series of dark, absurd shifts in base life.

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What are critics saying?

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Like classic military comedies from “Catch-22” to “M*A*S*H,” Talya Lavie’s Zero Motivation offers its own appealing blend of irreverence and absurdism.


The Guardian by Jordan Hoffman

Zero Motivation is a shot of honesty, in which short-term goals are far more important than larger geo-political ones. Perhaps because they are the only ones over which we have any control.


The New York Times by Manohla Dargis

Everything looks authentic, at least on the surface, from the desert dust to the messy desks and the sad, barren barracks. The characters, however, are largely cartoons, and their day-to-day exchanges are as vaguely defined as their interior lives.


The Dissolve by Mike D'Angelo

Zero Motivation never stops being sharply funny, and there’s scarcely a hint of didacticism in its depiction of female soldiers who are essentially treated as a secretarial pool, so bored that they have to invent tasks to perform and create melodrama from scratch.


Slant Magazine by Nick McCarthy

Zero Motivation is refreshingly casual in the depiction of its female-centric environment, but the freshness of its performances is often compromised by a directorial impulse to reduce the female experience to spiteful girl fights, virginal malaise, and bunk-bed antagonism.


The Playlist by Rodrigo Perez

An absorbing office saga and diverting dark comedy, Zero Motivation is a surprisingly insightful coming-of-age tale, utilizing the milieu of the military to look at desire, loneliness, identity, fitting in and many aspects of everyday complex female life.


Variety by Ronnie Scheib

Beneath the strings of gags and wisecracks run parallel threads of ruthlessness and hysteria which bring “Motivation” a little closer to “Full Metal Jacket” than “Private Benjamin” as off-screen conflicts invade the closed-in encampment.

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