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Basic Instinct 2

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United Kingdom, Germany, Spain · 2006
Rated R · 1h 54m
Director Michael Caton-Jones
Starring Sharon Stone, David Morrissey, Charlotte Rampling, David Thewlis
Genre Crime, Mystery, Thriller

Novelist Catherine Tramell is once again in trouble with the law, and Scotland Yard appoints psychiatrist Dr. Michael Glass to evaluate her. Though, like Detective Nick Curran before him, Glass is entranced by Tramell and lured into a seductive game.

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What are critics saying?


Chicago Tribune by

Once the credits are done rolling it's a dour, enervated mystery, selling the old cat-and-mouse games.


Variety by Dennis Harvey

Those hoping for either a sizzling -- or an unintentionally hilarious -- good time will be disappointed by this inexplicably dull sequel.


L.A. Weekly by Ella Taylor

Basic Instinct 2 pushes diligently along in a murder-and-mayhem-stuffed effort to demonstrate that (a) a sillier and more hackneyed movie than "Basic Instinct" is possible and (b) that shrinks have ids too, by golly.


Austin Chronicle by Marc Savlov

Stone still dazzles the eye, but this wholly unwarranted sequel is so outrageously preposterous (and so very chockablock with quotable examples of the fine art of bad dialogue) that the end result achieves a basement grandeur of near-epic proportions.


The A.V. Club by Nathan Rabin

Fortunately, as a showcase for Sharon Stone's physique, Basic Instinct 2 is a rousing success. In every other respect, it's a colossal failure.


Rolling Stone by Peter Travers

The laughs to be had in this deliciously awful sequel are all unintentional. A bummer for film buffs, but a ball for fans of the misbegotten.


Washington Post by Stephen Hunter

Where is the suspense part? There is no suspense part. Suspense demands clarity of motive and action, and this screenplay never provides it.

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