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A LEGO Brickumentary

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Denmark, United States · 2014
Rated G · 1h 33m
Director Kief Davidson, Daniel Junge
Starring Jason Bateman, Jamie Berard
Genre Documentary, Family

This documentary examines the global culture and appeal of LEGO in the contemporary era, as well as the history of the company. The film follows subjects around the world with varying interests in and attachments to LEGO and searches for the answer to why this toy is so popular.

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What are critics saying?


New York Daily News by

As Corporate promotional videos go, this one snaps together right out of the box. As a movie, it can be as annoying as stepping on a stray LEGO brick with your socks off.


The A.V. Club by Jesse Hassenger

Directors Kief Davidson and Daniel Junge drive home the company’s grown-up fan base by logging an amusingly eclectic array of celebrity testimonials: Ed Sheeran, Trey Parker, and NBA star Dwight Howard.


San Francisco Chronicle by Mick LaSalle

Even the interesting parts of A Lego Brickumentary aren’t that interesting, but are rather more like the best thing you might hear while being cornered by the most boring person at a party.


Arizona Republic by Randy Cordova

A LEGO Brickumentary feels like one of those cheerful corporate videos that gets screened at team meetings, designed to rouse employees into a rah-rah fervor. The down side: Most videos of that ilk don’t last for 90 minutes.


New York Post by Sara Stewart

For a company that purports to be all about sparking creativity, asking a kid to follow Ikea-evocative directions to assemble an X-wing fighter seems at odds with the mission.

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