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Canada, United States · 1977
Rated R · 1h 31m
Director David Cronenberg
Starring Marilyn Chambers, Frank Moore, Joe Silver, Howard Ryshpan
Genre Horror, Science Fiction

After undergoing a radical surgery for injuries from a motorcycle accident, a young woman develops a strange phallic growth on her body and a thirst for human blood - the only nourishment that will now sustain her. In turn, she causes a city-wide epidemic that turns the population of Montreal into blood-thirsty zombies.

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TV Guide Magazine by

Although Rabid is full of interesting ideas, they are not particularly well developed or presented by Cronenberg's unfocused script.


The New York Times by Dave Kehr

It took (Cronenberg) several films to come into his own as a filmmaker, but even his earliest work reflects his obsessive interest in the human body as raw material that can be transformed -- for better or for worse -- by strong emotions. [08 Jun 2004, p.E3]


USA Today by Mike Clark

Another of director David Cronenberg's queasy early horror films that, like The Brood and Videodrome, gets under your skin. [04 Jun 2004]


Boston Globe by Tom Russo

A characteristic early offering from horror icon David Cronenberg, rough production values and all. [30 May 2004]

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