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Cyrus Berger is a sophomore at Wesleyan University, majoring in English and film. He likes to spend his free time writing, hosting his radio show, going on runs, and, of course, watching any movies and TV he can find.

This coming-of-age French New Wave movie is incredibly moving. The French new Wave was an innovative and important movement in film history, but even outside of that context this movie is uniquely affecting. Its style is beautiful and charming, and it chooses the perfect scenes and shot to help you understand the main character. It also has maybe the most memorable final shot I've ever seen.
The violence in this movie is sometimes too much, especially towards the beginning. However, when you get past that, Titane is unique and strangely moving. The story is surreal, but the movie has real empathy for its characters. I had truly never seen anything like it, which was exhilarating. It's also beautifully shot, very well acted, and has some great musical choices.
This movie takes its time to develop its themes and characters, and gradually makes you deeply invested in its story. All the acting is great, especially Steven Yeun. The story works in themes about class without being didactic, and there's enough uncertainty to make the movie constantly interesting. It's a movie that I couldn't stop thinking about for days after I watched it.
This is an incredibly funny and dark satire. I've never seen better use of swearing. The dialogue makes this movie fun to watch even though its view of politics is really bleak. The movie does a genuinely good job of showing political dysfunction and warmongering while staying very entertaining throughout.
This movie has some great dark comedy, but it also has surprisingly thoughtful and moving themes. The movie weaves ideas about mercy and justice very naturally into its story while still working as a comedy and crime movie. Also, the two lead performances are both amazing.
This is a very sweet movie. Not a ton happens, but the characters are well-developed and their warm relationships are very moving. Kore-eda has a great way of creating realistic family dynamics, and I found it refreshing how he never felt the need to inject unnecessary drama. Also, all the food in this movie made me very hungry.
This movie's themes and style are very interesting. The way the movie explores post-colonial Senegal and the legacy of imperialism was often very insightful. There were a lot of memorable shots and editing choices, especially a scene where the main characters appear to be in a parade. However, I thought some scenes went on a little too long, and I found the footage of cows being slaughtered unnecessary and disturbing.
This movie captures so many complex emotions so well. Julie is a very well-developed and realistic character, and Trier chooses great scenes and moments to provide insight into her struggles and indecision. I also liked how her romantic life was portrayed in a nuanced way, and how the movie stays focused on her self-discovery throughout.
This is a really clever and interesting thriller. It's stylish and has some very exciting scenes. The flashbacks in the movie really go for strong emotion, and even though it can be a little cheesy at times, that approach also makes the movie very engaging throughout.
This movie is very funny but also very moving. I'm a big fan of Taika Waititi, and his sense of humor is all over this movie. Ricky is a very likable character and Julian Dennison is great. The way the relationship between him and Hec develops throughout the movie is wonderful. I was also really impressed by how the movie uses its adventure story to provide social commentary.
This show is incredibly funny and each episode is so well-paced and unpredictable. The characters and actors are all great. I especially enjoy Sister Michael. It's also really impressive, and pretty distinctive, how the show demonstrates the impact of the Troubles on the characters' lives while showing the other things that they focus on day to day.
This movie is very moving while being simple and consistently funny. Taika Waititi has a great way of balancing pretty silly comedy with genuine, sincere emotion. It's a short and straightforward, which helps the viewer focus on the characters' feelings and growth.
This show has two amazing lead actors who are both giving really great performances. They both bring a lot of humanity and, in different ways, warmth to a pretty dark story. In general, the show is special because it focuses on the human side of its mystery. The second and third seasons aren't quite as strong, but the characters always make it worth watching.
I was really impressed with how thoughtful this movie's story about alcohol was. It works nicely because it doesn't try to simply argue that alcohol is good or bad. Instead, it shows the way people can benefit from and abuse it, which makes it interesting to watch. Mads Mikkelsen is fantastic, and the final scene is one of the best I've seen.
This movie is incredibly charming. Paddington is such a sweet character, and the entire movie is delightful to watch. There are so many great, funny moments, and I could watch this again and again and never get tired of it.
This is a funny, clever movie that doesn't take itself too seriously. It's pretty light, but is consistently enjoyable and has some great moments.
This movie really wasn't what I was expecting, and, even though it could be a difficult watch, I admired how bold and realistic it was. Going in, I had expected this to be more uplifting, but the approach the movie takes is much more interesting, showing a deeply flawed system and refusing to make its main character heroic.
This is an incredibly beautiful movie visually, with wonderful colors in every scene. It's also a very moving and insightful movie. It's autobiographical, but it's never self-indulgent. It brings you into the world of its main character and takes you on his consistently interesting internal journey.
This movie really scared me more than any movie I've seen in a long time. Jennifer Kent does a great job building up a creepy atmosphere and a sense of confusion and uncertainty. It also weaves the horror and emotion in its story together in a very impressive way, where both elements added to each other instead of distracting from each other.