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What the Peeper Saw(La tua presenza nuda!)

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United Kingdom, Italy, West Germany · 1972
Rated R · 1h 29m
Director Andrea Bianchi, James Kelley
Starring Mark Lester, Britt Ekland, Hardy Krüger, Lilli Palmer
Genre Horror, Drama, Thriller

Oliver! star Mark Lester undertook a change of pace - and then some - with this uncomfortable, Bad Seed-like shocker. He plays Marcus, the preteen son of a recently-remarried, well-to-do writer, whose first wife (Marcus's mother) died a mysterious death. Marcus simultaneously resents his stepmother and feels erotically drawn to her; in desperation, he quickly and aggressively drives her to the point of a psychotic breakdown. He then quietly confesses his act of matricide to the stepmom and implores her to off her husband and abscond with the insurance monies.

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