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Korea · 2013
1h 29m
Director Kim Ki-duk
Starring Cho Jae-hyun, Lee Na-ra, Kim Jae-hong, Kim Min-seok
Genre Drama

In this disturbing narrative conveyed entirely without dialogue, a woman is driven mad by her husband and takes a knife to their son. Infidelity, incest, and insanity abound in this graphic tale depicting the imminent downfall of a twisted family — with extreme and bizarre visuals to match.

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The Hollywood Reporter by

What undermines Moebius is how Kim has let high concepts and philosophical subtexts run amok without anchoring them to a substantial narrative

75 by Brian Tallerico

The three entirely committed, fearless performers put through the physical and emotional motions by Kim carry a film that is the definition of “not for everyone” but Moebius works on its terms. Its twisted, Oedipal, sadomasochistic, castrated terms.


Empire by David Hughes

Even Oedipus would be left scratching his head by this bonkers but drily funny tale of one family's forlorn search for normality.


IndieWire by Eric Kohn

It's impossible to look away -- not only because the sense of anticipation is so vivid, but because there's no other way to follow the bizarre plot than keep with it.

28 by Laremy Legel

The best word to describe it is strange, though it could have been halfway decent (yes, all the way up to halfway decent) if the third act hadn’t succumbed to the crescendo of craziness that had been building for the first hour.


The Telegraph by Robbie Collin

Kim rattles you with this family’s bizarre and pitiful plight, and only then, from a place of agonised discomfort, does the laughter follow, in great whoops and roars.


Village Voice by Sherilyn Connelly

Except for the presence of the Internet, the picture feels like a retelling of an ages-old fable. In fact, Moebius is almost weird enough to be a creation myth, and that's no small accomplishment.


Time Out London by Tom Huddleston

Extreme cinema aficionados will doubtless get major kicks from Moebius. For others, the cumulative shocks are likely to induce weariness and boredom.

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