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Japan, Korea · 2006
1h 37m
Director Kim Ki-duk
Starring Park Ji-yeon, Sung Hyun-ah, Ha Jung-woo, Kim Sung-Min
Genre Drama, Mystery, Romance

Si-Hee and Ji-Woo have been dating for two years, but jealousy consumes Si-Hee to the point where she worries that Ji-Woo will tire of her face. She undergoes intense plastic surgery to change her appearance, telling no one, and starts a new relationship with Ji-Woo, but does a new face really change her previous jealousy?

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Salon by Andrew O'Hehir

I'm not sure yet if Time is a masterwork, a deranged folly or just a showman's highly persuasive trick. Whatever else it is, it's a clean, economical and handsome film, terrifically acted, with a heart full of treachery and mystery.


Variety by Derek Elley

Script is sometimes confusingly structured, and in its second half doesn't move as smoothly from scene to scene as in Kim's best pics.


Chicago Tribune by Michael Phillips

Kim evokes everything from "Seconds" to "Nip/Tuck" here, but his sureness of touch and lack of melodrama make the themes pertinent and vivid. A heartening step up from Kim's previous film, "The Bow."

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