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Far Side of the Moon(La face cachée de la lune)

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Canada · 2003
1h 45m
Director Robert Lepage
Starring Robert Lepage, Céline Bonnier, Anne-Marie Cadieux, Marco Poulin
Genre Comedy, Drama

After his mother passes away, a struggling PhD candidate attempts to reconcile the meaning of life with his thesis on outer space. His ex is distant, and he and his younger brother have never gotten along. Is it too late to breathe new life into his research and rebuild lost relationships?

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What are critics saying?


Chicago Tribune by

Like many stage-to-screen projects "Moon" loses something in the journey from the planet Theater to the planet High-Def Video. Yet Lepage is such an interesting camera subject, you stick with this dreamy rumination even when the going gets arch.


New York Daily News by Elizabeth Weitzman

Rarely do adaptations of stage plays work on screen, and almost never do they work as well as this one does. Most remarkably, the dryly comic "Moon" is virtually a one-man show.


Chicago Reader by J.R. Jones

This began as a one-man show, but Lepage has transferred it beautifully to the screen, where its cosmos of ideas hangs weightless.


TV Guide Magazine by Maitland McDonagh

Lepage maintains a leisurely pace and lets the narrative wander, but ultimately lands on the right side of the line between contemplative noodling and aimless navel-gazing, ending with an image that's simultaneously melancholy and playful.


The New York Times by Manohla Dargis

Based on Mr. Lepage's play of the same title, Far Side of the Moon carries traces of the theater both in some of the dialogue and in its schematic construction. That said, it has been beautifully shot by the cinematographer Ronald Plante in the kind of high-definition digital video that makes the future of cinema look rather less grim than usual.

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