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United Kingdom, United States · 2022
1h 47m
Director Scott Mann
Starring Virginia Gardner, Grace Caroline Currey, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Mason Gooding
Genre Thriller

A year after a tragic accident during a climb, Becky decides to climb again with her best friend, Hunter. They set their sights on an abandoned radio tower, but when the ladder breaks at the top of the tower, they're stranded 2,000 feet in the air with no way down and no cell signal.

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Collider by

With weak leads and shallow characters, Fall fails the audience by its inability to present human beings we can care about.


Slashfilm by Chris Evangelista

Fall doesn't break the mold, and there are a wealth of one-location thrillers that are much better than this. But when you're climbing that tower with Becky and Hunter, you can't help but follow along, nervous, but still exhilarated by the journey. Watching "Fall" on a big screen and experiencing the nerve-shredding vertigo that comes from the proceedings is the kind of pulpy fun that memorable late-summer movies are made of.


The A.V. Club by Jordan Hoffman

Even on the couch, with the ability to hit pause, it reaches heights (ha!) of quintessential B-movie greatness, causing exactly the kind of discomfort that elicits verbal rebukes.


Slant Magazine by Mark Hanson

Scott Mann’s film succeeds by simply committing to and steadily ratcheting up the ludicrous awesomeness of its premise.


IGN by Matt Donato

It’s an odd “rock and a hard place” production about survival of the fittest mentalities that can’t help but indulge soapy relationship dramatics amidst an otherwise dire entrapment, which will probably leave most laughing and irritated at the wrong times.


Washington Post by Michael O'Sullivan

Lots of people pay good money to endure the kinds of thrill rides that make them wish they were back on solid ground. Fall does the same thing, but with the added benefit of being entirely vicarious.


Austin Chronicle by Richard Whittaker

If you weren't afraid of heights before, then Fall will give you the fear. Welcome to vertigo hell, mainly due to the work of cinematographer MacGregor.


TheWrap by Robert Abele

This may be the first movie to apply the Chekhov’s gun rule to vultures, a portent sure to satisfy the more horror-minded ticket buyers, not to mention anyone else eager for the kind of back-to-basics survival excitement “Fall” refreshingly serves up in this dreary age of apocalyptic popcorn emptiness.


Movie Nation by Roger Moore

Movies like “Fall” are all about the tropes (Foreshadowing, anyone?), the stunts and the editing, all in service of a formula that’s not wholly bulletproof, but close...And here, enough of that pays off that while we notice how simple it all is, you give the devils their due. It’s still damned good for what it is.

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