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United States · 2022
1h 19m
Director Rebekah McKendry
Starring J.K. Simmons, Ryan Kwanten
Genre Fantasy, Horror

Wes has just gone through a painful breakup. Hungover and heartbroken, he wakes up in a public bathroom at a remote rest stop. When a mysterious voice begins speaking to him from the adjacent stall, he finds himself pulled into a cosmically terrifying situation.

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Collider by Chase Hutchinson

Some well-timed edits maximize the impact of the jokes and help leave necessary horror elements up to the imagination. Even when we don’t see everything, our minds fill in the gaps to make the gore and gags that befall Wes land.


Slashfilm by Matt Donato

Glorious might not save the world, yet it's still a wonderful way to pass the time while humanity as we know it is devoured by threats we'll never comprehend.


Movie Nation by Roger Moore

Some of us can see what’s coming, which isn’t a deal-breaker as far as making Glorious watchable. What’s required here is that the characters keep us engaged until the payoff or twist or grim or happy resolution. What would be nice is if we feel something/anything for any given character.

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