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Ticket to Paradise

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United States · 2022
1h 44m
Director Ol Parker
Starring Julia Roberts, George Clooney, Kaitlyn Dever, Maxime Bouttier
Genre Comedy, Romance

Georgia and David divorced 20 years ago and regret their marriage. But when they learn their daughter is marrying a seaweed farmer in Bali, the two team up to sabotage the wedding and stop their daughter from making the same mistake they think they made.

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What are people saying?

What are critics saying?


Empire by Ben Travis

With Clooney and Roberts cranking up the charm, even the creakier elements of Ticket To Paradise are watchable. A warm, witty, welcome escape from reality.


IndieWire by Ella Kemp

Much of the charm of Ticket to Paradise comes from knowing exactly how this story will end — what would a good romantic comedy be without a guaranteed happy ending? — without being totally certain of the journey to get there, because of the originality in the script.


Screen Daily by Fionnuala Halligan

With a decades-long rapport on screen and off, they’re natural and sparky together, and Roberts joins Clooney in her decision not to presenting the cosmetically refreshed face of her peers. For that alone, Ticket To Paradise is a trip worth taking.


The Hollywood Reporter by Leslie Felperin

Thinly scripted rom-com Ticket to Paradise puffs its way through 104 minutes mostly on the vapors of its lead actors gassing around together, albeit with an assist from spectacular Australian scenery standing in for Bali.


The Guardian by Peter Bradshaw

Ticket to Paradise may well do great business to those looking for some escapist fun, and that’s entirely understandable. But I found the wacky double-act of George and Julia slightly hard work.


Variety by Richard Kuipers

Looking and sounding like it could have been made 20 or 30 years ago, “Ticket” may not contain that much sparkling and sophisticated wit — or indeed many big belly laughs — but delivers sufficient smiles and chuckles to register as an easily enjoyable if unmemorable diversion for audiences seeking simple escapist entertainment.


The Telegraph by Tim Robey

When it’s in-flight entertainment this winter, no one will necessarily moan, but it plays like a soothing feature-length trailer for your first cocktail on the beach.

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