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Me and You(Io e te)

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Italy · 2012
1h 43m
Director Bernardo Bertolucci
Starring Jacopo Olmo Antinori, Tea Falco, Sonia Bergamasco, Veronica Lazăr
Genre Drama

Lorenzo is a teenage boy lost in his own inner world. When his class goes to the mountains for a week to ski, Lorenzo secretly stays in the basement of his apartment building. However, his loneliness is interrupted by the unexpected appearance of an unfamiliar girl.

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What are critics saying?


New York Daily News by

The director's "Stealing Beauty" and "The Dreamers" were both sympathetic but prurient films about teenage sensual awakenings. Me and You is sweeter and more resonant, and a potent comeback for the 73-year-old director of "Last Tango in Paris" and "The Last Emperor."


Village Voice by Calum Marsh

Bertolucci, despite his obvious affection for Lorenzo, can't help but seem out of touch, and his hero looks and sounds less like a modern-day teen than an old man's wistful idea of one.


CineVue by Daniel Green

It remains remarkable that, at the grand old age of 73, Bertolucci is still making films of intelligence and guile, let alone features about teenage angst and sexual maturation.


The Hollywood Reporter by David Rooney

A lot of banality gets passed off here as profound thought. That and the somewhat self-conscious actors make it difficult to engage much with either character.


Slant Magazine by Kenji Fujishima

Not even Bernardo Bertolucci's choice of a lead actor with visible facial acne scars, in a welcome gesture toward authenticity, is enough to overcome the gaping hole of psychological nuance at the center of the film.

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