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Take My Eyes(Te doy mis ojos)

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Spain · 2003
1h 49m
Director Icíar Bollaín
Starring Laia Marull, Luis Tosar, Candela Peña, Rosa Maria Sardà
Genre Romance, Drama

One winter night, Pilar runs away from home. She takes only a few belongings and her son, Juan. Soon after, her husband Antonio sets out to look for her. He says Pilar is his sunshine, and what's more, "She gave him her eyes"...

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What are critics saying?


Film Threat by

Marull's Pilar is quietly powerful and agonizingly terrorized as the '50s-style wife muted and bound by duty.


The New York Times by Manohla Dargis

The director, Iciar Bollain, who wrote the screenplay with Alicia Luna, invests Antonio with humanity, which would be more impressive if she had paid more attention to exploring the darker recesses of Pilar's inner life.


The A.V. Club by Nathan Rabin

Take My Eyes might look and sound like an earnest message movie, but its bone-deep understanding of the tricky psychology of abuse feels effortlessly authentic.


Entertainment Weekly by Owen Gleiberman

If Take My Eyes explored how a woman could still feel for a man who abused her, it might have gripped us with its difficult truths. But the movie presents Pilar and Antonio's marriage as a stale, neurotic dead end.

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