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Sister(L'enfant d'en haut)

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France, Switzerland

1h 40m

Director Ursula Meier
Starring Kacey Mottet Klein, Léa Seydoux, Martin Compston, Gillian Anderson
Genre Drama
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Twelve-year old Simon and his older sister, Louise, live on their own in a housing complex beneath a luxury ski resort in Switzerland. Simon supports them both by stealing ski equipment from wealthy guests and reselling it. But it's a precarious life that leaves them at the mercy of others -- and each other.


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The Playlist by

Sister is as bleak and as beautiful as its snowy, mountainous setting.

IndieWire by Eric Kohn

Sister may not arrive at a happy ending, but the lack of resolution -- capped off by the powerful last image --completes its journey to a place of rousing emotional clarity.

New York Post by Farran Smith Nehme

Meier's tight focus on her primary characters pays off: Seydoux brings a strong array of emotions to a highly unsympathetic part. And Klein, whether plugging his ears with cigarette filters or suddenly embracing a woman he barely knows, is heartbreaking.

The New York Times by Manohla Dargis

Trading the cooler, more emotionally detached style and vibe that characterized "Home," her debut feature, about a family falling apart, Ms. Meier quietly goes for the emotional jugular in Sister.

NPR by Mark Jenkins

Sister offers several reasons why the boy can't or won't return to ski-resort robbery next winter. But the movie also quietly suggests that, whatever he does, Simon will always be the boy from down below, boldly impersonating someone born to the heights.

Village Voice by Nick Schager

Writer/director Ursula Meier uses a stripped-down, naturalistic aesthetic full of well-organized compositions that pay close attention to shifts in character mood, comportment, and behavior.