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My Body(Il mio corpo)

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Italy, Switzerland · 2021
1h 20m
Director Michele Pennetta
Genre Documentary

In Sicily, young Oscar helps his father collect scrap metal in unauthorized dumps while not far off, Nigerian refugee Stanley works odd jobs at the local church to survive. Though seemingly separated by everything, these two are brought together by chance in a meeting that reveals just how similar their circumstances are.

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What are critics saying?


Empire by David Parkinson

Combining widescreen lyricism and neo-realist intimacy, this is a poignant reflection on the stark situation awaiting so many migrants who risk everything to reach a false paradise. The methodology occasionally feels calculating, but the intentions couldn't be more sincere, as the struggles are destined to continue once the cameras leave.


The Guardian by Peter Bradshaw

Their faces are vivid and Pennetta’s film somehow returns you to the simple, fundamental fact: these are real people whose lives carry on outside the movie screen’s perimeter.


The Observer (UK) by Simran Hans

This intimate observational documentary explores poverty in Sicily from two different vantage points, drawing poetic connections between lives that don’t appear to touch.