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Vicious Fun

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Canada · 2021
1h 43m
Director Cody Calahan
Starring Evan Marsh, Amber Goldfarb, Ari Millen, Julian Richings
Genre Comedy, Horror

Horror film critic Joel reviews movies with a cynical knowledge of tropes and clichés. However, his horror knowledge fails to prepare him when he finds himself accidentally at a self-help group for serial killers, where he must pretend to fit in to avoid being murdered.

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What are critics saying?


The Guardian by Leslie Felperin

Once the bloodletting starts, Calahan interleaves it with witty asides and the pacing picks up a lot, all combining to make this impish if flyweight entertainment.


Paste Magazine by Natalia Keogan

The gritty, glowing neon textures of the ‘80s cover practically every frame of director Cody Calahan’s Vicious Fun, a horror-comedy caper that lovingly sends up the era’s genre tropes while never breaching egregious self-indulgence.


Movie Nation by Roger Moore

So what we have here is a tolerably efficient horror title — not scary, not that suspenseful, just gory — that fails to deliver on the promise that casting that rascal Koechner makes. Not bad, but not exactly good, either.

25 by Simon Abrams

If you enjoy watching barrel-penned fish get got with a BB gun, you're bound to love Vicious Fun. Vicious Fun courts that kind of glib dismissal since so much of the movie reassures viewers that its creators are also addicted to the formulaic slasher movies that they kind of, sort of mock.

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