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Here Before

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United Kingdom

1h 23m

Director Stacey Gregg
Starring Andrea Riseborough, Martin McCann, Jonjo O'Neill, Eileen O'Higgins

Genre Drama, Mystery, Thriller

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Bereaved mother Laura has been struggling with the death of her young child. When new neighbors Marie and her daughter move in next door, Laura begins to notice unusual and impossible connections between their families. Soon, her theories lead her to question her own reality.


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Film Threat by

Fraught with all-consuming dread and familial mystery, Here Before is an emotionally and psychologically demanding thriller surrounding the loss of a child.

The Playlist by Jason Bailey

Gregg, who wrote and directed, has mostly written for television, and while this is her feature directorial debut, she’s a born filmmaker.

IndieWire by Kate Erbland

While Gregg offers a cheeky sense of what it really means to gaslight someone, no one will feel as injured by the film’s final-act choices than its audience.

Screen Rant by Mae Abdulbaki

There's a lot to like in this engaging and unnerving drama, but the finale doesn’t come together to deliver on an intriguing and chilling first half.

Slashfilm by Marisa Mirabal

Gregg delivers an intoxicating and impressive directorial debut, so it will be enjoyable to witness what she does next. Here Before is a harrowing depiction of motherhood with all of its loving and painful experiences.

Variety by Owen Gleiberman

The tension that drives Here Before is our curiosity as to whether or not the film is taking place in the world of the uncanny. In a way we want it to be, because that would make it scary fun; in another way we don’t want it to be, because that would make it corny scary fun.

Screen Daily by Wendy Ide

A screenplay which could have benefited from another pass undermines the credibility of what comes before, and, despite a formidable intensity from Riseborough throughout, leachs tension along with plausibility.