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Shine Your Eyes(Cidade Pássaro)

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Brazil · 2020
1h 42m
Director Matias Mariani
Starring OC Ukeje, Chukwudi Iwuji, Indira Nascimento, Paulo André
Genre Drama

Amadi, a Nigerian musician, travels to São Paulo in search of his missing brother, Ikenna, who hasn’t sent word to his family since he emigrated a year ago. Amadi learns that Ikenna’s been lying about his new life, and as he roams the city looking for clues, he himself is seduced by its call…

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What are people saying?

What are critics saying?


The Hollywood Reporter by Caryn James

The slow-burn film features superbly understated acting and astute visuals. This is Mariani's first fiction film after having made two documentaries and shorts, but its ambition and accomplishment are fully formed.


Variety by Guy Lodge

If the setup intrigues slightly more than the payoff, this is still a work of original, crystalline beauty, bursting with restless, refracted ideas.


The New York Times by Lovia Gyarkye

Shine Your Eyes, from the Brazilian filmmaker Matias Mariani, finds a distinctive way to tell a familiar narrative — of immigrants in megacities, of how dreams can pummel you and of the complexity of fraternal bonds.


Movie Nation by Roger Moore

Shine Your Eyes will grab you and take you to a place you’ve never been and into a mystery which only a sibling can solve.


The Playlist by Warren Cantrell

An immigration story that manages to draw in themes about manhood, familial identity, and cultural preservation, director Matias Mariani has crafted a picture that speaks to a broader transient experience that transcends both time and place.