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Red Moon Tide(Lúa vermella)

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Spain · 2020
1h 24m
Director Lois Patiño
Starring Pilar Rodlos, Ana Marra, Rubio de Camelle, Carmen Martínez
Genre Drama, Fantasy, Horror

Time seems to stand still in a small village on the Galician coast. Three women arrive in the small town, and the villagers they meet talk about ghosts, about witches, about monsters—and about Rubio, a sailor who recently disappeared into the sea. A Lovecraftian film based on very real horrors.

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What are critics saying?


Slant Magazine by Jake Cole

Lois Patiño’s Red Moon Tide is a work of unmistakable horror, one predicated on such ineffable dread that the impact of climate change becomes a sort of Lovecraftian force.


The Hollywood Reporter by Neil Young

A challenging work which punctuates taxing stretches of austere stasis with interludes of sublime beauty — including a ravishingly spectacular underwater finale — it uses a slight fable of a story as framework for some extravagant sensory stimulations.


The Guardian by Steve Rose

The trance-like pacing and mystical meditation might frustrate viewers looking for an easy watch, but local film-maker Lois Patiño is clearly operating at the fine-art end of the cinema scale. He applies his distinctive mode to a story that’s both ravishing and unsettling.

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