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The Man of My Life(L'Homme de sa vie)

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France, Italy · 2006
1h 54m
Director Zabou Breitman
Starring Bernard Campan, Charles Berling, Léa Drucker, Eric Prat
Genre Comedy, Drama, Romance

While on vacation to the South of France with his wife, happily married middle-aged man Frédéric becomes increasingly close with Hugo, his openly gay neighbor. As the two men explore their different approaches to life, Frédéric begins to question the way he's lived, unbalancing his family's dynamic.

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What are critics saying?


Village Voice by

The film's arresting beauty--shots of a curtain blowing into a shadowed stairwell, or a meadow of sunflowers, or a head resting on a shoulder--is nearly enough.


Variety by David Rooney

A drama that steadily succumbs to self-conscious artiness, drunk on its own sense of contrived poetry and cloudy existential reflection.


TV Guide Magazine by Maitland McDonagh

If the film ultimately amounts to little more than a middle-aged coming-of-age story, it's richly imagined and filled fanciful touches in keeping with its passionate subject.

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