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Love Wedding Repeat

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United Kingdom, Italy · 2020
1h 40m
Director Dean Craig
Starring Sam Claflin, Olivia Munn, Eleanor Tomlinson, Freida Pinto
Genre Comedy, Romance

Troubles arise for a man when he is abruptly reunited with an old flame at his sister’s wedding.

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What are critics saying?


The New York Times by

Craig’s comic delivery belabors gags that should run light on their feet. Rather than serving up a variety of zingers, the movie settles for one joke per character, repeated endlessly. . . . Instead, the best bits of comedy come from physical slapstick.


The Guardian by Benjamin Lee

The film’s drunken lurch into earnest romance near the end, after leaning on bawdy humour for the most part, requires us to see these characters as something other than farcical chess pieces, an uphill battle for all involved.


The A.V. Club by Caroline Siede

The film’s desire to lampoon its rom-com cake and eat it too leaves it on an uncomfortable middle ground; a third act shift toward emotional earnestness doesn’t land, because the main players possess no depth.


Los Angeles Times by Gary Goldstein

The obstacles here soon prove so contrived and the setups so schematic the movie can feel like a not-very-well-oiled, Rube Goldberg-like machine. And a predictable one at that.


IndieWire by Kate Erbland

There’s much to enjoy in the film’s first hour, which plays out a bit like an updated “Four Weddings and a Funeral.” It’s a chatty comedy populated by amiable leads and a constellation of wacky supporting stars, with an ill-fated would-be couple at its heart.


Screen Rant by Molly Freeman

Love Wedding Repeat is too cringey to be any fun and fails to deliver on its premise of multiple alternate timelines.


Variety by Owen Gleiberman

It unfolds, more or less, in real time, which gives it an existential comedy-of-suspense element that trumps the usual Styrofoam rom-com plotting. The classical music playing in the background doesn’t make the film stodgy; it creates a sustained operatic flow. And the actors are simply terrific.

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