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Canada, France · 2012
1h 12m
Director Denis Côté
Genre Documentary

A documentary calling back to the bestiaries of Medieval Europe, this film is less a study of animals and more a study of perception – for as we observe these majestic creatures, they also observe us, and the line between man and beast blurs into nonexistence.

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NPR by

There's a compulsion to describe a film with such a slow and unusual pace as poetic - it already has a Netflix blurb calling it "lyrical" - but Bestiaire's best quality is its unpretentiousness.


The New York Times by Manohla Dargis

This may not be a fuzzy wuzzy, warm-and-cuddly song to animals, but in revealing the everyday, sometimes repellent surrealism of the park - where zebras, elephants, camels and ostriches walk among slowly moving cars, and lions bang wildly against their small cages - he forces you to look at the often unseen. It may not be pretty, but it is essential viewing.


Village Voice by Melissa Anderson

Bestiaire is, most profoundly, about the dynamics of looking, an exercise in studying gazes that are either unidirectional or, superficially, at least, reciprocated.

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