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The Pink Panther Strikes Again

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United Kingdom, United States · 1976
Rated PG · 1h 43m
Director Blake Edwards
Starring Peter Sellers, Herbert Lom, Leonard Rossiter, Colin Blakely
Genre Comedy, Crime

Just released from a mental hospital, Inspector Charles Dreyfus intends to find Clouseau, a former underling whose blundering drove the lawman around the bend. Dreyfus captures a scientist, ordering him to create a weapon that will destroy the planet, and threatens world leaders with annihilation unless they hand over his nemesis.

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What are critics saying?


TV Guide Magazine by

There are some marvelous sight gags, but the film goes over the top into mindless farce at times, destroying much of the Chaplinesque believability that Sellers had earlier engendered.


The New Yorker by Pauline Kael

The director, Blake Edwards, sets up promising slapstick situations, and then the payoffs are out of step (and worse, repeated); after the first half hour or so, the film loses momentum.


Chicago Sun-Times by Roger Ebert

There has to come a time when inspiration gives way to habit, and I think the Pink Panther series is just about at that point. That's not to say this film isn't funny -- it has moments as good as anything Sellers and Edwards have ever done -- but that it's time for them to move on.


The New York Times by Vincent Canby

Both Mr. Sellers and Mr. Edwards delight in old gags, and part of the joy of The Pink Panther Strikes Again is watching the way they spin out what is essentially a single routine, such as one fellow's trying, unsuccessfully, to help another fellow out of a lake.

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