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It's All Gone Pete Tong

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United Kingdom, Canada · 2004
Rated R · 1h 30m
Director Michael Dowse
Starring Paul Kaye, Kate Magowan, Neil Maskell, Beatriz Batarda
Genre Comedy, Drama, Music

This mockumentary-style comedy follows Frankie Wilde, a superstar DJ in Ibiza. Wilde leads a hedonistic life of drug abuse and partying, unaware that he was born with a rare hearing disorder. The film follows his wild career and subsequent disappearance from the club scene as he goes deaf.

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Salon by Andrew O'Hehir

In addition to possessing the most confusing title of the year, Canadian filmmaker Michael Dowse's high-energy dance-club saga It's All Gone Pete Tong arrives in an elaborate package of spoof and deception that should win the admiration of any practical-joke connoisseur.


Los Angeles Times by Kevin Crust

Grounded by a gutsy, over-the-edge-and-back performance by Paul Kaye as Frankie, It's All Gone Pete Tong takes the long way around before finally redeeming itself.


Village Voice by Laura Sinagra

Lots of Dowse's ideas work well--the ringing tinnitus, the conversion of sound to visible waves, the trimming of treble and bass for underwatery effect, the removal of ambient noise entirely. But as the humor flags, It's All Gone Pete Tong starts to feel more like an exercise.


The New York Times by Manohla Dargis

The British comic turned actor (Paul Kaye) appears in almost every scene and he carries that weight admirably. He manages the very neat trick of keeping you interested in a character who doesn't merit our affection but earns it nonetheless.


L.A. Weekly by Scott Foundas

The movie catches us up so profoundly in Frankie's self-destructive spiral (and gradual rehab), it's as though we’re seeing it all for the first time. I'd like to say that's because the story is true, only it isn't.

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