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Vision Portraits

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Germany, Canada, United States · 2019
Rated PG · 1h 18m
Director Rodney Evans
Starring John Dugdale, Rodney Evans, Kayla Hamilton, Ryan Knighton
Genre Documentary

Following and chronicling the journeys of photographer John Dugdale, dancer Kayla Hamilton, and writer Ryan Knighton whose experiences are connected through visual impairments, esteemed filmmaker Rodney Evans explores the processes by which they have successfully engaged with their respective mediums. Evans ties these profiles together by describing his own experience with vision loss.

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What are critics saying?


The Playlist by

Oscillating between traditional documentary and experimental, subjective attempts to capture what it’s like to be impaired, Evans creates a moderately successful portrait of, what the film references as, the space between seeing and not.


Film Threat by Bobby LePire

Vision Portraits heart lies within these stories, but its power stems from its style. The cinematography by Kjerstin Rossi and Mark Tumas is often obscured, fuzzy, out of focus, or so close it is uncomfortable.


Wall Street Journal by Joe Morgenstern

The extraordinary thing about this film by Rodney Evans is how well it conveys the complexity. Vision is precious, it reminds us frequently. At the same time we’re brought to understand that blindness, far from being the end of the world, constitutes another mode of living in it.


The Film Stage by John Fink

Brief, personal, insightful, and well-crafted, Vision Portraits is a giving look at the process of expanded creativity by four fascinating artists.

75 by Odie Henderson

This is an inspiring film, a funny and informative feature whose subjects were creative kindred spirits I’d never seen onscreen before. I realized that I was being represented here, and my unreconciled shame morphed into a sense of liberation.

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