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Advocate(לאה צמל, עורכת דין)

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Israel, Canada, Switzerland


1h 48m

Director Philippe Bellaiche

Starring Lea Tsemel

Genre Documentary

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"Advocate" tells the true story of Lea Tsemel, a Jewish Israeli lawyer who has made a name for herself representing Palestinian political prisoners. From feminists to fundamentalists, nonviolent demonstrators to armed militants, Tsemel's tireless quest for justice has turned her into a divisive figure in her home country.


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Variety by Guy Lodge

Tsemel’s hard demands on her family and co-workers alike are kept in view: “Advocate” isn’t a bland hagiography, but a textured nonfiction character study of complicated heroism. You can’t challenge the system, after all, without being a bit challenging yourself.

The Hollywood Reporter by Keith Uhlich

At one point, Tsemel describes herself as a member of an occupying force and defines her mission in life as to somehow rectify the resultant power imbalance. The only way to get there, as the film's pointed final image suggests, is to keep on trudging.

Los Angeles Times by Kenneth Turan

The most gripping parts of Advocate are the film’s fly-on-the-wall cinéma vérité sequences of Tsemel at work, meeting with clients’ families, navigating the legal system and conferring about cases with fellow attorneys and her staff.

Film Threat by Nick Rocco Scalia

The directorial choices, from the minimal use of music for dramatic embellishment to the innovative split-screen technique used to blur the identities of individuals in courthouse footage, are spot-on throughout.

Movie Nation by Roger Moore

Advocate is a reminder to audiences everywhere of the importance of the rule of law, its equal application and appointing judges who understand that importance.