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We Are Little Zombies(WE ARE LITTLE ZOMBIES)

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Japan · 2019
2h 0m
Director Makoto Nagahisa
Starring Keita Ninomiya, Satoshi Mizuno, Mondo Okumura, Sena Nakajima
Genre Drama, Music

Their parents are dead. They should be sad, but they can’t cry. So, to deal with their grief, they form a kick-ass rock band. This is the story of four 13-year-olds in search of their emotions—a gleeful, stylish tour de force from director Makoto Nagahisa.

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What are critics saying?


Slashfilm by Chris Evangelista

Saying We Are Little Zombies is “a bit hectic” is a bit of an understatement, and yet, as Nagahisa’s passion project exploded across the screen, I found myself giving my heart to it.


The Film Stage by Dan Mecca

Every eye-popping sequence and strongly-performed scene feels too far from the next. Perhaps with a little less, there would be quite a bit more. There’s so much to respect in We Are Little Zombies, just not enough to hold on to.


IndieWire by David Ehrlich

As this unclassifiable wildfire burns itself out, all you can say for sure is that these little zombies are alive in ways that most adults have lost the ability to imagine. Whatever demented game its characters are playing, Nagahisa’s live-action Twitch-fest is delightful for how it lets us watch along.


Slant Magazine by Derek Smith

The film is a kaleidoscopic portrait of a world where emotions are accessed and revealed primarily through digital intermediaries.


New York Magazine (Vulture) by Emily Yoshida

A rainbow-colored scream into the abyss, Nagahisa’s story of a quartet of orphaned tweens who start a chiptune rock band is as rigorous in its exploration of grief as it is stylistically exuberant, and one of the most exciting premieres at Sundance this year.


The Playlist by Joe Blessing

We Are Little Zombies is much more about style than story. Nagahisa delivers a visual tour-de-force, careening wildly through an unimaginable array of arresting shots.


Movie Nation by Roger Moore

We Are Little Zombies is the most entertaining thing to come out of Japan since sushi, “Iron Chef” and the Miata.

88 by Simon Abrams

A relentless, but emotionally well-balanced character study of Hikari (Keita Ninomiya) and his bandmates as they receive a series of transformative reality checks, and also perform post-millennial garage rock that sounds like a cross between post-shoegaze emo rock and video-game-style chiptunes.


The Hollywood Reporter by Todd McCarthy

Blissful, whacked-out, inspired, juvenile, dementedly inventive, hyper-energized — all of this and more apply to music video and advertising whiz Makoto Nagahisa's first feature We Are Little Zombies.

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