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Looney Tunes: Back in Action

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Germany, United States · 2003
Rated PG · 1h 33m
Director Joe Dante
Starring Casey Kasem, Heather Locklear, Brendan Fraser, Joan Cusack
Genre Animation, Comedy, Family

Sick of ceding the spotlight to Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck demands equal pay and billing, but instead, he's fired. Daffy goes on a studio lot rampage and meets recently fired security guard D.J. Drake. When D.J.'s A-list actor dad is kidnapped by the evil Mr. Chairman, D.J. and Daffy try to rescue him.

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What are critics saying?


Entertainment Weekly by

There are flashes of wit -- Speedy Gonzales muttering about political correctness and an arty chase through the Louvre. But there is also random flatulence, a.k.a. the stink of desperation.


Premiere by Glenn Kenny

It's flat-out comedy all the way, head-spinningly clever (you'll be talking about a sequence set in the Louvre for weeks) and always engaging. For my money, it's the comedy of the year.


Chicago Tribune by Mark Caro

You never lose awareness that Fraser and, particularly, Elfman are acting alongside creatures they can't actually see, and you constantly think you should be having more fun than you are. In the end, you want to ask the filmmakers: Is that all, folks?


L.A. Weekly by Scott Foundas

The movie looks like it cost a fortune, with Dean Cundey's glistening widescreen compositions and Bill Brzeski's towering, storybook sets providing the backdrop for seamless visual effects. What's more, it's equally rich in ideas.


Seattle Post-Intelligencer by William Arnold

The film is an across-the-board charmer that should appeal to children as well as their parents, aficionados of animation and old-movie buffs who will be challenged to sort out the blur of seemingly hundreds of classic film references.

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