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Dying to Survive(我不是药神)

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China · 2018
1h 57m
Director Muye Wen
Starring Xu Zheng, Eric Wang, Zhou Yiwei, Tan Zhuo
Genre Comedy, Drama

Dying to Survive is based on the true story of Chen Yong, a Chinese drug dealer suffering from leukemia. Strapped for cash, he begins smuggling a forbidden but effective cancer drug from India and selling it to his fellow cancer patients. What starts as a quick moneymaking scheme ends up changing thousands of lives in this heartrending comedy-drama.

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What are critics saying?


Screen Daily by John Berra

Regardless of where it lands politically, Dying to Survive is a rousing piece of torn-from-the-headlines storytelling that delivers laughs and tears in equal measure.


Variety by Richard Kuipers

Director and co-writer Wen Muye’s feature debut is a classy crowd-pleaser and an interesting example of a Chinese film that shows public protests and casts officialdom in a frequently unflattering light yet still received the stamp of approval from state censors.

50 by Simon Abrams

I’d have an easier time accepting the trite, asked-and-answered conclusions that director Muye Wen and co-writers Jianu Han and Wei Zhong lead viewers to if they were more adept at tugging at viewers’ heart-strings.

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