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France · 2021
1h 31m
Director Mathieu Turi
Starring Gaia Weiss, Peter Franzén, Romane Libert, Frédéric Franchitti
Genre Drama, Horror, Science Fiction, Thriller

A young woman stranded on the side of the road is picked up by a strange man. She quickly realizes the man is a murder suspect, but it's too late; she wakes up the next day in a horrifying trap. With not much time to escape, she is forced to navigate a winding tunnel full of life-threatening obstacles.

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The Playlist by Asher Luberto

The film gives the audience the feeling of being trapped in a tight and confined space. And that feeling is as thrillingly unpleasant as it is a sweaty-palmed nightmare.

63 by Glenn Kenny

Phantasm, gnarly as it could get, always had an impish side, just as the monumental power of AC/DC is leavened by the sight of its elfin lead guitarist in a schoolboy uniform. Meander has no such sense of fun. But it offers some newish sights and shocks.


Movie Nation by Roger Moore

It becomes a screen thriller you mentally set aside, like a puzzle with insufficient challenges to ever be worth tackling again.


Original-Cin by Thom Ernst

Meander, by director Mathieu Turi, uses the device of the escape room, or tunnel in this instance, as a way of negotiating the story of a woman’s perilous journey through a debilitating sadness. It’s allegorical, no doubt. But it’s an allegory that makes excellent use of an incredibly intricate and claustrophobic set piece.

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