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Constructing Albert

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Spain · 2017
1h 22m
Director Laura Collado, Jim Loomis
Starring Albert Adrià, Ferran Adrià
Genre Documentary

Albert Adrià has all the ingredients of a creative genius. Playing a key role in the creation of elBulli, the greatest restaurant in history, wasn't enough. To escape the shadow of his famous brother Ferran, Albert opens up a number of different restaurants in Barcelona, culminating in his groundbreaking work with Enigma.

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What are people saying?

What are critics saying?


Film Journal International by Doris Toumarkine

While this culinary-themed doc offers a little kitchen sizzle and artistically plated tastings (a delicious shrimp dish sautéed, a daring soy sorbet, etc.), the film has more of a scattershot, look-at-me Facebook feel.


The New York Times by Glenn Kenny

Sibling rivalry is a consistent subtext but only that — Mr. Adrià’s main concern is to create. As it happens, in this generally likable film he is at his most endearing when fixing himself a simple (but indeed delicious looking) grilled ham and cheese sandwich.


The Seattle Times by J.R. Kinnard

Directors Laura Collado and Jim Loomis’ cleverly edited and deliciously photographed food porn is a tasty peek at the cutthroat culinary world and one of its most mysterious figures.


The Hollywood Reporter by Justin Lowe

There’s enough drama and jeopardy on the business side of Albert’s endeavors to keep an audience focused, however, and he proves to be a thoughtful and engaging personality who’s thoroughly immersed in the exotic world of international haute cuisine.


Variety by Owen Gleiberman

Constructing Albert remains an oddly unsatisfying movie about food that’s so tasteful you can barely imagine what it tastes like.