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Canada, United States · 2006
Rated R · 1h 35m
Director James Gunn
Starring Nathan Fillion, Elizabeth Banks, Michael Rooker, Gregg Henry
Genre Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Science Fiction, Thriller

In a small town like Wheelsy, nothing out of the ordinary ever happens. But everything changes when the town's residents find their livestock mutilated, and a woman mysteriously disappears. The town sheriff's investigation leads to a terrifying discovery-- Wheelsy has fallen prey to an alien invasion, and their apocalypse has only just begun.

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What are critics saying?


Dallas Observer by

Slither is what it is, unapologetically, and unlike Gunn's work on "Dawn of the Dead," it's probably too weird to be a crossover hit. Either you've got worms in your heart or you don't.


Variety by Joe Leydon

Slither begins briskly, gradually accelerates and eventually achieves a breakneck momentum that makes the wild ride even more exhilarating.


Entertainment Weekly by Lisa Schwarzbaum

There are times (and plenty of them) when Slither slops over from smart, affectionate homage into unmodulated frat goofiness as Gunn cannibalizes so many horror plots with such high spirits.


The New York Times by Manohla Dargis

While Slither sometimes feels like a monster-mash, what makes it work is how nimbly it slaloms from yucks to yuks, slip-sliding from horror to comedy and back again on its gore-slicked foundation.


L.A. Weekly by Scott Foundas

It's the kind of movie that used to be called "trashy good fun," only there's nothing trashy about it: Gunn, who scripted the 2004 "Dawn of the Dead" remake, is clearly punch-drunk with horror-movie love; Slither is, among other things, a freewheeling homage to "The Blob, Invasion of the Body Snatchers" and just about everything by George Romero.


The A.V. Club by Scott Tobias

Though it occasionally dips too deep into a well of redneck humor, Slither cleverly exploits the nervous laughter that fills a theater whenever a horror movie gets too frightening to bear.


Washington Post by Teresa Wiltz

Slither purports to be a "horror comedy" but in embracing the hybrid, it falls flat, never committing full-out to mining for giggles or gasps.

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