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Nobody's Watching(Nadie nos mira)

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Argentina, Spain, Colombia · 2017
1h 42m
Director Julia Solomonoff
Starring Guillermo Pfening, Elena Roger, Rafael Ferro, Marco Antonio Caponi
Genre Drama

Nico is a young Argentinian actor who is struggling to break into the US film industry. But, despite his failures, he won't give up. Alone but eager, Nico tries to pave his own way in New York City --- fighting biases, strained relationships, and illusory opportunities along the way.

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What are people saying?

What are critics saying?


Village Voice by Alan Scherstuhl

There’s nothing fussy about any shot of Nobody’s Watching, but there’s also no shot wasted, and no shot that doesn’t communicate something vital about the city or her protagonist.


The Hollywood Reporter by Jonathan Holland

Though the script is pretty good on depicting the broken dreams that strew the path of the wannabe actor, its scope reaches wider, making it a timely portrayal (immigration, Brexit) on the multiple frustrations of being a stranger in a strange land, even when that stranger is as bourgeois as they come.


Slant Magazine by Peter Goldberg

Julia Solomonoff's film ripples with a palpable sense of the sheer distance between the down and out actor at its center and his goals.

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