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Handsome Devil

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Ireland · 2017
1h 35m
Director John Butler
Starring Fionn O'Shea, Nicholas Galitzine, Andrew Scott, Michael McElhatton
Genre Drama

Conor is a handsome star rugby player at a rugby-obsessed school. Ned is a music nerd, and a social outcast. The pair form an unlikely friendship, as they bond over their love of music. However, soon enough, their friendship is put the test once secrets spill out..

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What are people saying?

Stella Rumble Profile picture for Stella Rumble

This film is very well-paced with genuine performances from all the main actors. The characters are really treated with care, making this a thoughtful and compassionate piece. The story feels natural, but not cliche, in this lovely film.

What are critics saying?


The New York Times by

As in many a high school movie, it’s the seasoned teacher who brings the best out of his pupils, and here Mr. Scott draws the hidden potential not only from his students but also from the film.


Village Voice by Craig D. Lindsey

As the flick teeters between feel-good message movie and a burlesque of gay panic, the director scratches the surface in order to show how people rarely look beyond the surface of others.


Los Angeles Times by Gary Goldstein

Although the film can feel a bit been-there-seen-that, this earnest, well-drawn tale ultimately proves distinct and winning enough to warrant a look.


Empire by Ian Freer

The story is programmatic and the indie stylings feel tired but Handsome Devil is a winning, enjoyable call for individuality. And Nicholas Galitzine and Fionn O’Shea show promise for the future.


The Film Stage by Jared Mobarak

Butler’s film may be beholden to certain clichéd conventions and formulaic familiarity in its progression, but its characters evolve within them with an authenticity that dismisses such convenience as a way of life.

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