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Brotherhood of the Wolf(Le Pacte des loups)

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France · 2001
Rated R · 2h 17m
Director Christophe Gans
Starring Samuel Le Bihan, Vincent Cassel, Émilie Dequenne, Monica Bellucci
Genre Action, Adventure, History, Horror

During the French Revolution, Marquis d'Apcher writes his memoirs in his castle. He recounts a tale from 1764 when a mysterious beast terrorized the province of Gévaudan. Grégoire de Fronsac, a knight of King Louis XV of France, and his Iroquois companion Mani, are sent by the king to capture the beast.

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What are critics saying?


Baltimore Sun by Chris Kaltenbach

It's mindless, which is rarely true of French cinema, dull, which is rarely true of Hong Kong films, and portentous, which shouldn't be true of any film about a man-eating dog.


Philadelphia Inquirer by Steven Rea

The perfect film for anyone who likes their headbutting and kickboxing dressed up in gold brocade, frilly collars, and tri-cornered caps. And isn't that all of us?

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