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Another Day of Life

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Spain, Poland, Belgium · 2018
1h 26m
Director Damian Nenow, Raúl de la Fuente
Starring Artur Queiroz, Luis Alberto Ferreira, Joaquim António Lopes Farrusco, Kerry Shale
Genre Animation, Documentary, History

In Warsaw 1975, renowned reporter Ryszard Kapuscinski convinces his boss to send him to Angola, where a civil war has broken out on the eve of independence in the former Portuguese colony. His three-month journey through the war-torn country and the ever-changing front lines change his life forever.

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What are people saying?

What are critics saying?


Screen Daily by Allan Hunter

The human testimony is undoubtedly the most engaging aspect of Another Day Of Life, but the animated sequences earn their place when they provide a sense of the emotional turmoil that Kapuscinski experienced as he faced the chaos and horrors of a war that would continue until 2002.


Los Angeles Times by Robert Abele

The artfully kaleidoscopic nightmare of a collapsed state has rarely been so imaginatively portrayed. The unintentionally awkward moments come from a few of the more overwrought voice-over performances, in conjunction with the often-pinched rendering of human faces.

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