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Up for Love(Un homme à la hauteur)

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France · 2016
Rated PG-13 · 1h 38m
Director Laurent Tirard
Starring Jean Dujardin, Virginie Efira, Cédric Kahn, César Domboy
Genre Comedy, Romance, Drama

Diane is a well-known lawyer, divorced for three years. She loses her mobile telephone and receives a call from the person who finds it. That person is Alexandre, a charming man and the perfect gentleman. They make a connection over the phone and agree to meet up the following day. But when Alexandre arrives, there's a surprise in store when Diane discovers he is only 4' 6" tall. From that moment on, Diane tries to overcome the prejudices of society and her own fears to experience the best time of her life...

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What are critics saying?


Total Film by

The film flirts with near-offensive gags and attitudes, but there’s inventive use of forced perspective, even if the focus should be more on Diane changing hers.


Time Out London by Cath Clarke

There is a message here about celebrating differences, which would be a bit more convincing if they’d cast a smaller actor in the role – instead of using distracting CG effects on Dujardin.


Empire by Dan Jolin

An otherwise mundane rom-com that doesn’t know how to handle its one point-of-difference; and even that isn’t as much of a big deal as its writers think it is.


The Guardian by Peter Bradshaw

It’s more silly than funny, and audiences can be forgiven for wondering if an actor of restricted growth should have been cast.

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