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The Messenger

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Canada, France, Costa Rica · 2015
1h 29m
Director Su Rynard
Genre Documentary

Songbirds are disappearing at an alarming rate. In this visually thrilling ode to the beauty and importance of the imperiled songbird, scientists explore what it means to all of us on both a global and human level if we lose them.

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What are people saying?

What are critics saying?


Village Voice by

The filmmakers, like the songbirds they advocate for, are only messengers, but their message is persuasive and terrifying.


The New York Times by Helen T. Verongos

Overall, the arguments are persuasive, the message from the birds powerful, and the film a rich and satisfying call to action that is presented with some novel ideas for how to restore the ecological balance.


Christian Science Monitor by Peter Rainer

One of the main rallying points of The Messenger is that birds have “something to tell us” about the environment’s mounting ecological hazards. The canary in a coal mine phenomenon, according to this film, has assumed global proportions.

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