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In Between Days

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Canada, Korea, United States · 2007
1h 23m
Director So Yong Kim
Starring Taegu Andy Kang, Bokja Kim, Jiseon Kim, Nathan Rodriguez
Genre Drama, Romance

Aimie, an 18-year-old Korean immigrant in Canada, must navigate her changing feelings about her best friend, Tran, as she adapts to her new life. She worries that Tran will date someone else, and that her mother will remarry. Her father hasn't visited her yet. Is there anyone she can rely on?

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What are critics saying?


Chicago Reader by

Kim keeps dialogue to a minimum and provides the barest of story arcs, using a handheld camera to probe subtle shifts of emotion in her nonprofessional actors.


The New York Times by A.O. Scott

Sensitive, modest, thrillingly self-assured first feature by So Yong Kim, was one of the standouts of the 2006 Sundance Film Festival -- exactly the kind of thoughtful, independent work one hopes to find there and too rarely does.


Film Threat by Eric Campos

The camera lingers on the characters' minimal, but expressive actions, allowing the viewer to soak in their emotions rather than having them related to us through dialogue. In doing so, In Between Days is more of an experience than your average movie.


Variety by Justin Chang

Revealing without being especially compelling, In Between Days offers a bleak, rigorously naturalistic portrait of an Asian-American teenager's physical and emotional dislocation.


The A.V. Club by Noel Murray

The director deserves kudos for setting her movie during such a gray, dreary Toronto winter. It couldn't have been easy to find a climate that so resembles adolescence.


L.A. Weekly by Scott Foundas

This superb debut feature by Korean-American director So Yong Kim seems to be constructed entirely of the ineffable and intangible, those fleeting moments that most movies treat as throwaways.