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A Monster with a Thousand Heads(Un monstruo de mil cabezas)

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1h 14m

Director Rodrigo Plá
Starring Veronica Falcón, Jana Raluy, Sebastián Aguirre, Emilio Echevarría

Genre Drama, Thriller

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When Sonia receives the news that her husband’s cancer has progressed to a critical stage, she races to secure the insurance company’s approval for the care that can help him. Met with indifference and negligence at every turn, Sonia’s desperation triggers a primal survival instinct as a series of increasingly violent confrontations unfold.


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Village Voice by Bilge Ebiri

Raluy, a Mexican TV and stage star making her movie debut, is captivating as a woman whose terror at her own behavior is matched only by her bewilderment at the system around her.... But the real star here is Plá, with his total control of the frame.
100 by Godfrey Cheshire

The movie deserves to be known, first of all, as a terrific example of intelligent, captivating film craft—further proof of the recent strength of Mexican cinema.

Variety by Guy Lodge

Tempering the strong medicine of its social-justice protestations with a streak of outlandish melodrama, this “Monster” may not have quite as many facets as its title implies, but Pla’s formally deft manipulation of perspective keeps the pic both urgent and even-handed.

CineVue by John Bleasdale

Plá's film is a caustic, genuine swipe at a selfish and insincere society which is content to make money from the suffering of ordinary people.

The A.V. Club by Mike D'Angelo

It’s worth seeing just for its object lesson in how shifts in perspective can radically alter the tenor and meaning of material that might otherwise come across as pompously silly.