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Marshal Tito's Spirit(Maršal)

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Croatia · 1999
1h 37m
Director Vinko Brešan
Starring Dražen Kuhn, Linda Begonja, Ilija Ivezić, Ivo Gregurević
Genre Comedy

Stipan is a policeman who comes to small Adriatic island off the Croatian coast in order to investigate reported strange phenomena that had frightened the whole population. At first, nobody wants to co-operate with him, but he finally finds that the island is being allegedly haunted by the ghost of Josip Broz Tito, Communist leader of former Yugoslavia. For Luka, the mayor, this is the opportunity to turn entire island into Tito-themed amusement park. Tito's WW2 veterans, on the other hand, don't believe in ghosts; for them, the apparition is actually Tito himself, who had returned in order to lead them into a new revolution which would restore Communism. Written by Anonymous

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