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Indonesia, Malaysia · 2022
1h 42m
Director Charles Gozali
Starring Vino G. Bastian, Marsha Timothy, Maudy Effrosina, Randy Pangalila
Genre Action, Horror, Drama

For decades using ruqyah to help people, Ustadz Qodrat failed to ruqyah his own son, Alif Al-Fatanah who was possessed by a demon named Assuala. Looking for answers to his worries, Qodrat went to the pesantren in the village where he was studying. He found that the place was no longer what it used to be with unexplained disturbances. Qodrat is confronted again with the trauma of having to marry Alif Amri, Yasmin's youngest child who she cannot refuse because of the similarity of her name with her son. In the midst of a soul-crushing test, Qodrat again faces the fury of Assuala. Qodrat had to choose between his choice or rediscovering it.

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