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The Sparring Partner(正義迴廊)

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Hong Kong · 2022
2h 15m
Director Ho Cheuk-Tin
Starring Yeung Wai-Lun, Mak Pui-Tung, So Yuk-Wah, Jan Lamb
Genre Crime, Drama

Adapted from a sensational real-life case in 2013, the intricate story begins when a young man partners with his friend to murder and dismember his parents. Pleading not guilty, the defense attorneys soon turn on each other, as the defendants play the devil and idiot game. Meanwhile, heated debates emerge inside the jury room, where nine jurors grapple with the truth. Crafting a complex, multi-layered narrative with surprising twists and turns, Ho Cheuk-tin sets himself a formidable challenge in this directorial debut.

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