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Germany · 2021
1h 49m
Director Mario Sixtus
Starring Gerti Drassl, Lorna Ishema, Samuel Schneider, Maximilian Pekrul
Genre Science Fiction

In a near-future world, everyone's reputation is measurable and visible. This "carma count" determines whether you belong or not, what job you have and how you live. Popularity, creditworthiness, career advancement or career demise are all judged in this way. Cee (Lorna Ishema), a young woman who works as an artist scout, gets caught up in a smear campaign that threatens her livelihood and finds out: hidden from the public eye, paid experts are working to burnish the reputation of their clients - or destroy the reputation of their opponents. Waves of outrage, public doubts, anonymous accusations, like-parades and cheering bloggers - everything is planned, controlled and directed. When Cee hires one of these specialist teams to defend herself, the situation spirals out of control.

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