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Stories from the Kronen(Historias del Kronen)

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Spain, France, Germany · 1995
1h 35m
Director Montxo Armendáriz
Starring Juan Diego Botto, Jordi Mollà, Eduardo Noriega, Aitor Merino
Genre Drama

Carlos is a young student, just 21. Nice or annoying as he likes, enjoys provoking and transgreding. In the night he goes out to meet his friends in the Kronen, a bar. Every situation can be taken a little farther. There are no limits, no accepted barriers. And more each time, each adventure is chained to the next, as if it were a continuous night. A long description of people: grandfather, parents, sister, girlfriend, friends. And, among that, the obscure will of living every minute as if it were the last one. But something which happens puts Carlos and his friend against a reality they have been trying to ignore.

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