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Full Speed(À toute vitesse)

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France · 1996
1h 25m
Director Gaël Morel
Starring Élodie Bouchez, Stéphane Rideau, Pascal Cervo, Mezziane Bardadi
Genre Romance, Drama

A brief extract of four kids' lives somewhere in France. Quentin, who won a writers contest and now pays more attention to his career as an author than to his friends, beautiful Julie, his girl-friend, much more mature than she looks, falling in love with Quentin's very best friend Jimmy, who is kind of stuck in his unability of self-expression and grown up under bad social circumstances. And there is the shy boy Samir, exiled from Algeria, who lost his "brother" and only friend some time ago. Samir heavily falls in love with Quentin, but he can't handle it...

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